Paramore Sing “Misery Business” with 9-Year-Old Fan at Houston Show: Watch

It’s impressive enough that Hayley Williams was only 17 when she wrote and recorded “Misery Business,” but it looks like she might have some even younger competition coming her way. During Paramore’s tour stop in Houston Wednesday night (July 12th), Williams invited a 9-year-old fan named Riley onstage to help sing their 2007 hit.

For the uninitiated, it’s tradition at Paramore shows to bring a special guest onstage to sing the bridge of “Misery Business.” With a handmade sign reading “pick me!,” Riley caught the attention of Williams, who then instructed the crowd to “scream louder than you ever have for Paramore.” From what we can tell, the audience certainly obliged.

After introducing Riley to the crowd (and, subsequently, Riley to the other members of Paramore), the two singers duetted the rest of “Misery Business.” Upstaging Williams is a pretty impossible feat, but Riley certainly gave her a run for her money — despite the song being about five years older than her. Watch clips of the very adorable interaction below.

Paramore also paid homage to one of Houston’s greatest during the show with a cover of Beyoncé’s “I Miss You.” The band are currently on tour through next year, including dates opening for Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” Check out the full list of upcoming dates, and grab your tickets here.