Oreo is selling $40 limited-edition NBA cookies ahead of the All-Star Game — and fans are not pleased at the price

  • The NBA is collaborating with Oreo to make specialty cookies featuring team logos.
  • Priced at $40 for a pack of 12, some fans scoffed at the price tag. 
  • The cookies commemorate the NBA All-Star Game next weekend.  

You can snag limited-edition Oreos with your favorite NBA team logo emblazoned on top — but it won’t come cheap. 

For $40, fans can buy a box of 12 cookies decorated with frosting, sprinkles, and their favorite team’s logo ahead of the NBA All-Star Game next weekend. But the steep price — at nearly 10 times the cost of a regular pack, which contains about 40 cookies, by comparison — is leaving basketball and snack food fans alike appalled, with many taking to social media to bash the gimmicky novelty snacks. 

“$40 for 12 Oreos that have some NBA logos on them is the worst deal ever,” one user wrote on Twitter. 


This isn’t the first time Oreo has teamed with major brands to sell cookies. In 2021, Oreo partnered with Pokémon to create cookies that had different characters imprinted on the top. 

Some were more rare than others, leading to a secondary market that saw cookies listed on eBay for up to $100,000.

But NBA fans this time around seem a little less keen on novelty Oreos than Pokémon fanatics. 

“$39.95 for NBA Oreo’s,” One Celtics fan wrote on Twitter. “I’ll just dip my own oreos in white chocolate , paint a leprechaun on it and dip it in sprinkles for leas.” 


“Yes of course I want these NBA logo Oreos. But at $40 a pack? 0% chance,” another user chimed in.