Oliver Sim Confirms There Will Be “More Music from The xx”: Exclusive

The xx haven’t released a new album since 2017’s I See Youas bandmates Romy, Jamie xx, and Oliver Sim have explored solo projects. But that doesn’t mean The xx are finished. In a new interview with Consequence Podcast Network’s Kyle Meredith With… Sim confirms that there will be “more music from The xx” in the future.

“The xx will always be my home and will always be my priority,” Sim says. “And normally I wouldn’t speak for Romy and Jamie, but I know they feel the same. I think all of us doing our solo projects just makes me excited. It’s like, how is this gonna change the band? What have we all learned independently? And nothing is recorded at the moment, but there is more music from The xx, definitely.”

Those independent projects include Jamie xx’s remix album with Gil Scott-Heron, We’re New Here, his solo stunner In ColourRomy’s debut solo single, “Lifetime,” and now Hideous Bastardwhich Sim released last month. He offers insight into the writing of his album, saying, “Coming from The xx, I think the band has a DNA and it has a sound, and I knew I wasn’t going to try and recreate that. But I’ve been in The xx since I was 15. It just brought up the question, if I’m not one-third of this band, who am I?”

He says, “The first few songs I made, they were terrible, they were really terrible,” adding, “And that’s very much how The xx started. Everything came from mistakes and limitations.”

“That’s kind of how this record happened as well,” he says. Check out the full interview below.

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