New Auralex T’Fusor finishes

Auralex T'Fusor new finishes acoustic treatment diffuser panels

Auralex Acoustics have announced that their T’Fusor diffusor panels are now available in three new finishes. Previously only available finished in white, the company’s popular panels are now being offered with ‘Matte Black’, ‘Sports Car Red’ and ‘Carbon Fibre’ options to complement the aesthetics of any studio, control room, stage or theatre.

T’Fusor panels are manufactured from highly durable ABS, and unlike many alternative products, the rear of the panel incorporates a 1-inch absorber whilst the interior cavities also accommodate an acoustic filling, both features which Auralex say help the T’fusor to provide a useful amount of low-frequency trapping in addition to diffusion. The manufacturer says that T’Fusor panels instantly provide a sense of sonic spaciousness by breaking up reflections and flutter echoes without removing excess sonic energy from a space.  

This latest introduction is also paving the way for the development of future products, with Eric Smith, Founder and President of Auralex Acoustics saying: “We’ve made significant capital investments in capabilities that are already helping streamline our R&D process and allowing us to innovate and manufacture even more quickly.  This expanded flexibility helps us provide our customers the aesthetically pleasing, highly effective products they demand at the most affordable prices possible. These three new finishes freshen the top-performing T’Fusor and will be followed by further introductions.”

The panels measure 23.75 x 23.75 x 6 inches, and as well as being easily installed onto walls or ceilings, are able to be fitted directly into standard drop-ceilings.


T’Fusor panels with the new finishes are available now, with pricing as follows:

Carbon Fiber – Single $99.99 / Four-pack $327.99

Sports Car Red – Single $99.99 / Four-pack $327.99

Matte Black – Single $82.99 / Four-pack $299.99