Metric Break Down New Album Formentera II Track by Track: Exclusive

Track by Track is a recurring feature series in which artists guide readers through every song on their latest release. Today, Metric take us through their latest record, Formentera II.

Canadian rock mainstays Metric return today (Friday, October 13) with their brand new album, Formentera II, out via Metric Music International/Thirty Tigers. This is the follow-up and direct sequel to their 2022 album Formentera, building on the addictive hooks and lushness of its predecessor. With these nine new tracks, the band is showing they still have what it takes to mix things up.

The band is as groovy as ever, particularly on the single “Just This Once,” with Joshua Winstead’s bassline rooting the song in a funk style before it switches up in the second half. With another year to grow together, the band sounds re-energized on the dream pop-influenced single “Who Would You Be For Me,” while still remaining faithful to their alternative rock roots.

“This is where I realized that what I was supposed to do was let go,” guitarist Jimmy Shaw says of the track “Days of Oblivion.” “Feel every feeling. Take myself and all of us on a journey and thus be taken on it too. Metric has been around for 20 some years now and I truly believe this is new ground for us.”

These tracks all indicate the beginning of a new era for the band, with plenty of new ideas to move forward with in the future.

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Listen to Metric’s Formentera II below, followed by the band’s Track by Track breakdown of the record.