Metallica Unleash New Song “If Darkness Had a Son”: Stream

Metallica have shared the new song “If Darkness Had a Son” — the third single from their upcoming album 72 Seasons, out April 14th.

The legendary metal band teased the track on TikTok earlier this week, prompting fans to perform a duet with the music as each member of Metallica added their respective part in a string of TikToks. It was later revealed the track, titled “If Darkness Had a Son,” would be released in full today (March 1st).

Now, the full seven-minute studio track is out (listen below), kicking off with military-style drums from Lars Ulrich and featuring a chugging guitar riff. James Hetfield’s vocals don’t kick in until a minute-and-a-half into the song, as he repeats the lyric “Temptation” multiple times.

Overall, Metallica steer this one into a more mid-tempo alternative metal direction as opposed to the direct thrash of previous singles “Lux Æterna,” and “Screaming Suicide.” Hetfield maintains a melodic, almost bouncy vocal delivery, as Ulrich provides plenty of drum flourishes underneath beefy power chords. Most of the guitar theatrics — including a wah’d-out solo from Kirk Hammett — take place during an extended instrumental section halfway through the track and the airtight groove-thrash outro.

Expect to hear the new Metallica songs on their upcoming 2023-2024 “M72 World Tour.” Tickets for the shows are available at this location.

In other news, Metallica recently announced that their Helping Hands benefit show in December raised $3 million in charitable earnings for the band’s All Within My Hands Foundation. Additionally, the first round of donations from Metallica’s 2021 all-star covers compilation The Metallica Blacklist have been distributed, surpassing $1 million.

Watch the music video for “If Darkness Had a Son” below, and pre-order 72 Seasons here.