Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Reveals He’s Moving to Italy

Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine has revealed that he’s purchased property in Italy and will be relocating to the country.

During Megadeth’s performance at the AMA Music Festival on Sunday (August 27th) in Vicenza, Italy, Mustaine told the audience about his moving plans and the new home he just purchased on the peninsula.

“I have something very special I need to tell you guys… A couple of weeks ago I just bought a house in Italy,” Mustaine said [as transcribed by Blabbermouth]. “So think about that — you wake up tomorrow morning and you see me out your window, and I’m walking with my boxes. And you go, ‘Fuck, man, that looks like Dave Mustaine. Look at all those guitars. Shit, that’s gotta be him.’”

He continued, “I’ve gotta tell you, I am so excited to be able to call Italy a new place for us to live. And I wanna thank you all for your graciousness and helping teach me how to be a good resident here and to learn how to live the Italian life.”

Clearly feeling the love from his soon-to-be neighbors, Mustaine would later stop the show to emphasize that he really is moving to Italy.

“What I said about me moving over here is true,” he added. “And I’m really excited to live in Italy when we do. We’re gonna keep our residency in the States, but we are gonna be living here. And we really look forward to meeting a lot of you. And I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun together.”

Mustaine has resided in the Nashville area for just under a decade. During that time, he recorded Megadeth’s latest album The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead! at a nearby studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

The thrash legend does have business ties in Italy. His boutique wine brand, House of Mustaine, recently expanded to Le Marche, Italy, after being founded in Southern California.

Meanwhile, fans in North America will be able to catch Mustaine when Megadeth kick off a month-long run of tour dates in early September. Tickets are available here.

Below you can watch Dave Mustaine and Megadeth at the AMA Music Festival.