Mandy Moore Said Screw It, I’m Getting Bangs — See the Photos

When you get the itch to cut bangs in your brain, there’s no rest until the scissor is slicing through your hair. Celebrities often choose curtain bangs to make small, yet impactful tweaks to their hairstyles, given that they can easily be pinned or brushed away. Stars like Dakota Johnson and Sandra Oh have rocked the style in the past, and you can too! Allure consulted some top stylists for their best bang advice, and they shared that curtain bangs are achievable for all hair types as long as you have the right tools and products on hand. And when you’re ready to say “See ya!,” the grow-out period won’t be too awkward. “The best and most simple tip is to tuck [your grown-out bangs] behind your ears while wet and they will dry blended in with the next-shortest layer,” NYC-based hairstylist Matt Newman shared. “If your hair is textured, do the same thing but just after heat styling the section, while the hair is still slightly mailable.”

However, we hope Moore plans to keep her new bangs around for a long time, because they are working for her in a big way. Wait … should I get bangs?

More celeb bangs to inspire your next salon visit:

Now, see how bangs have evolved within the past 100 years:

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