Make a big splash this Holi with Noise

Holi Smartwatch

From festive music to delicious post shower lunches and a whole lot of colourful people; Holi celebrations are full of fun and frolic. People through the country have their own special way of celebrating this festival. Some choose to let their hair down at a happening Holi party, others prefer coming together with their friends and family.

No matter your preference, brighten up your celebrations by picking up some trendy and colourful Noise wearables and accessories. From a Bluetooth speaker for you house party, some trendy earbuds to binge watch festive movies and a water resistant smartwatch to complement your colourful Holi look; we have something to offer everyone.

The cautious ones

Not everyone wants to be drenched in water or have their clothes smeared with colour. Some of us have a more relaxed and laid back way of celebrating. If you prefer observing the mayhem from the safety of your balcony, you can kick back with some classic Holi numbers on your very own Noise earbuds or neckbands. A great option would be to opt for the Air Buds Pro with Active Noise Cancellation to drown out the external sound.

The treat lovers

If Holi sweets are your weakness, then a smartwatch or fitness tracker is your go-to-accessory. Keep a track on everything you eat by monitoring your calorie consumption. This can help you maintain your healthy habits, despite an assortment of festive snacks in front of you. The Noise X-Fit Fitness Tracker comes with a number of health monitoring tools, including a calorie tracker, which can help you stay away from over indulging.

The movers and shakers

To some, no Holi celebration is complete until they get a chance to shake a leg with their friends and family. If you prefer taking the festivities to the max, you can pick up some amazing Bluetooth speakers. Gather your loved ones, turn up the music and let the good the good times roll. Both the Noise Zest 5W and the Vibe 5W speakers are great choices to brighten up your merrymaking.

The young and free

From a rainbow of colours, a water gun and some balloons, kids and teens love being bold and indulgent with their Holi celebrations. By getting your young kids a smart band, you can ensure that they celebrate responsibly by keeping a track on their activity. Opt for the Noise Champ Kids Fitness Smartband which comes in 3 exciting shades, along with comprehensive activity tracking and an IP68 waterproof rating.

The ever in vogue

Holi doesn’t mean abandoning your fashionable choices. Even in dressing casual, colours and accessories make all the difference. For people who love looking their best, you can complement your Holi attire with a colourful smartwatch. Available in several distinct shades of lime green, classic red, midnight blue and more, the Noise ColorFit Caliber is the perfect choice. Dip into its many watch faces and match your outfit to your background.

Add a splash of colour to your Holi festivities by grabbing your very own Noise product. Check out our complete collection of wearables and accessories for some amazing Holi discounts.