Liquid Death Introduces New Iced Tea Line with Grannies Going Death Metal: Watch

In Liquid Death’s rollout for their new iced tea beverages, a little caffeine goes a long way. Grannies playing brutal death metal? Check. Grannies grinding rails on their skateboards? Check. Grannies shooting bottle rockets out of their nether regions? Uh… check.

The 80-second ad is complete debauchery; though, to be fair, the grannies in question appear to be either real metal musicians or stunt actors in costume. Still, it’s a ton of fun and a humorous callback to Monty Python’s “Hell’s Grannies” sketch.

“We grew up on Monty Python and Jackass, so it’s no surprise we made an homage to some of our heroes,” Liquid Death VP of creative Andy Pearson told the advertising site Muse. The flavors of the new iced tea line include the cleverly named Grim Leafer, Armless Palmer, and Rest In Peach.

There’s also a spot for Liquid Death’s canned water line featuring an actual heavy metal granny: Dorothea “The Godmother of Drumming” Taylor. She’s been announced as a brand ambassador for Liquid Death and can be see playing along to the original Liquid Death song “Greatest Hates.”

For future ambassadors going forward, may we suggest The Grindmother? Or the elderly lady who busted out Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” at karaoke? They would be perfect.

All in all, you can chalk up more more metal cred for Liquid Death following its kids-jamming-to-Judas-Priest Super Bowl spot from a couple years ago.

Watch the grannies go death metal, along with the Godmother of Drumming, in the Liquid Death ads below.