Linkin Park Tease Unreleased Song “Friendly Fire” with Vocals from the Late Chester Bennington

Linkin Park have dropped a teaser for the unreleased song “Friendly Fire,” which features vocals by the late Chester Bennington.

The band shared a snippet of the track on its official X/Twitter account, describing it as a “new, unreleased song from the One More Light 2017 sessions.” Tragically, Bennington would take his own life just two months after the album’s May release that year.

The short teaser reveals quite a bit about the song, which has the same synthpop qualities as many other tracks on One More Light.

Bennington’s vocals are prominent throughout, with the following lyrical passage being captured in the 30-second snippet: “We’re falling apart for no reason / We’re pulling the trigger in a useless war / If we go back and go into the black / What are we fighting for? / What are we fighting? / It’s just friendly fire.”

No date was given regarding the release of the full track, though the post did feature the text “20 ‘Friendly Fire’” and the hashtag “FriendlyFireLP.”

We’re now curious how much material featuring Bennington on vocals remains in the Linkin Park vaults. Is an expanded edition of One More Light or an LP of unreleased songs on the horizon? The band did follow a similar trajectory last year, sharing an unreleased Meteora-era track prior to the reissue of that album.

Below you can stream the teaser for “Friendly Fire.”