Let Ms. Marvel Reacting to Ms. Marvel’s Trailer Brighten Your Weekend

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan in a poster for Marvel's Ms. Marvel.

Image: Marvel Studios

Earlier in the week, Marvel suddenly debuted the first trailer for Ms. Marvel. The upcoming Disney+ series finally puts New Jersey teen-turned-Inhuman superhero Kamala Khan (played by relative newcomer Iman Vellani, marking her TV debut) in the spotlight after she’s had numerous comics, cartoons, and most of a video game for people to recognize her as a future household name.

To celebrate the occasion, Marvel sat Vellani down in front of a laptop to watch and react to a condensed version of the trailer. Disney stars don’t always provide reactions to the films or shows that they’re in, but watching this one was particularly cute. Vellani’s got a lot of charm, and it’s fun to watch her watch herself, cupping her chin with a massive Infinity Gauntlet that she has for no real reason. “I literally look like a child,” she giggles at one point before gaining self awareness. “I am a child!” She’s definitely endearing, and hopefully the show does right by her during its run as a limited series. “It’s a real thing now,” she beams, “Kamala’s shared to the world!”


Vellani’s reaction to her own trailer really puts into perspective how young the character is meant to be, and the different kind of youthful energy Kamala is expected to bring to the MCU. While Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is also a teenager and feels very much like a kid, his films have always been focused for better or worse on big stakes rather than the clash of mundane high school life with the sudden rush of discovering you’re a superhero who can do anything. A TV series is the perfect space for Kamala to play in in a way that her fellow teen hero just isn’t afforded. When she’s due to hang out with fellow Marvels Carol and Monica next year, hopefully they’ll keep her personality and vibe from the show intact.

Ms. Marvel premieres on Disney+ starting on June 8.

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