L7 Call Out Space-Obsessed Billionaires on New Single “Cooler Than Mars”: Stream

L7 are back with “Cooler Than Mars,” a protest song of sorts bemoaning the effects of climate change and the negligence of those with the power to actually do something about it.

More specifically, “Cooler Than Mars” is a tongue-in-cheek callout to the ultra-rich, who seem more concerned about colonizing outer space than ensuring Earth will still be around for their grandchildren. “I’ve got nothin’ against Mars/ But nothin’ wants to live on Mars,” vocalist Donita Sparks declares over uptempo, roaring synths.

“The song was inspired by the ongoing catastrophic news of climate change, and the strange passions of billionaire space cowboys to explore and exploit the outer limits of our stratosphere,” Sparks explains in a statement. “Seems to me such obsessions and resources should be totally focused on healing The Big Blue Marble. I feel like there is nothing ‘out there’ that is as mind-blowing as the biodiversity of what we have here on Earth. Because we’re cooler than Mars, damnit.”

The delightfully cheesy music video for “Cooler Than Mars” features the members of L7 against a green screen displaying footage of just some of the things that make Earth so cool: Ocean waves, colorful flora, and lots and lots of cute animals.

L7 are also releasing a limited edition 1000-copy “Cooler Than Mars” four-pack flexi disc single, and pre-orders are ongoing. Stream the song below.

This week, L7 also kick off their “In Your Space” tour. Tickets are available via StubHub, where your purchase is 100% guaranteed through StubHub’s Fan Protect program.