Kanye West Drops Out of 2024 Presidential Race

Bad news for those expecting Kanye West to follow through with his 2024 run for president: The rapper’s own attorney has confirmed that the campaign is over before it really got off the ground.

“He’s not a candidate for office in 2024,” Ye’s attorney Bruce Marks told Rolling Stone. An unnamed source also said the likelihood of a presidential bid is “beyond remote,” with another adding, “There’s no campaign structure or anything along those lines in place.”

West announced his 2024 run in November 2022, and briefly enlisted Milo Yiannopoulos as his campaign manager before firing the alt-right provocateur less than one month in. Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes took command of West’s political team until May, when Yiannopoulos came back into power and proclaimed himself the “director of political operations” of “YE24.”

However, an October filing with the Federal Election Commission by West’s political committee, Kanye 2020, no longer lists Yiannopoulos on its payroll. Treasurer Hassan Sheikh now appears to be running the committee, which had $10,000.00 cash on hand as of September 30th.

As Rolling Stone points out, a July filing listed a $31,200 disbursement to Yiannopoulos for “campaign wrap up services.” That filing was made by the previous treasurer, Devin White, who told the magazine that he had been hired by Yiannopoulos.

White compared the experience to being “dumped into a pile of shit,” and said the campaign was like “building an airplane with no wings. It wasn’t meant to fly.” Sounds just about right.