John Oliver Offers Clarence Thomas $1 Million Per Year to Resign from Supreme Court

John Oliver has decided to take on corruption in the Supreme Court by leaning into the bribery scandal surrounding Justice Clarence Thomas. On Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver offered Thomas $1 million per year out of his own pocket and a $2.4 million motor coach in return for his resignation from the Supreme Court within the next 30 days.

“If we’re going to keep the bar of accountability this low, perhaps it’s time to exploit that low bar the same way billionaires have successfully done for decades,” Oliver said (via The Washington Post). “So that’s the offer. $1 million per year, Clarence, and a brand new condo on wheels. All you have to do in return is sign the contract and get the fuck off the Supreme Court… the clock starts now. 30 days, Clarence. Let’s do this!”

Making it clear that the money was coming from his own pocket, Oliver continued, “I am personally on the hook. You can make me really regret this. I could be doing stand-up tours to pay for your retirement for years.”

Oliver added, “In their confirmation hearings, they pretend to have no idea how they’ll rule on hot-button issues, and we all have to pretend to believe them before we appoint them to a job that they can hold until they die. We don’t treat them like what they are, which is people who can be motivated by ideology and greed like anybody else.” Watch a clip of Oliver’s “somehow legal” offer below.

Thomas’ blatant disregard for ethics was first exposed in 2022, when it was reported that his wife, Ginni Thomas, contacted former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to overturn the 2020 presidential election. The following year, ProPublica revealed Thomas had taken numerous undisclosed trips on conservative donor Harlan Crow’s private jet and superyacht, in addition to staying at his private resort over the years. In not disclosing these trips, Thomas violated the Ethics in Government Act.

Subsequent reports revealed Crow had purchased a home for Thomas’ mother and paid thousands in tuition for Thomas’ grand-nephew. The Washington Post also revealed that conservative activist Leonard Leo had paid Ginni Thomas for polling services in the same year that an organization with which Leo had an affiliation filed a brief in a voting rights case before the Supreme Court.

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