Jack Harlow Bursts Back On The Scene With “Nail Tech”

Jack Harlow is back! The Kentucky rapper released his new single, “Nail Tech,” late Thursday and it’s not a track you’re going to forget anytime soon.

Last week, Harlow got fans speculating about what he was working on when he shared a minute-long clip making fun of himself for his lack of new music. The scene showed him at a therapy session with his therapist getting sidetracked asking:

“I take it you haven’t picked a new single? I’m just saying this is our 28th session, it’s a little overdue. Even my daughter is asking ‘Mom, when is dropping his new song?’”

At the end of the clip, Harlow said, “Next week.”

Earlier this week, Harlow continued teasing, releasing artwork and dropping a message for his critics, and a promise for fans, “No one in my generation can [removed] with me. You will see tomorrow.”

“Nail Tech,” which you can listen to below, sees Harlow continue to clap back against those critics while celebrating his own sudden success:

How the hell could you doubt us?/ I mean, back then it made sense, but it’s like, now what?/ Now they down to come ’round just to be ’round us/ You ain’t one of my dawgs, why do you hound us?/ It’s very few of you I like, but it’s a whole lot of y’all I don’t trust.

City Girls rapper Yung Miami stars in the music video alongside Harlow.

The single was co-produced by NOVA CANYON, Coleman, Fierce, Rogét Chahayed, Angel López, and Jahaan Sweet.

Harlow released his debut album, That’s What They All Say, at the end of 2020. The next year was a whirlwind that saw him collaborate with Eminem, Ty Dolla $ign, and the already mentioned Lil Nas X. Still, it had been over a year since any solo work had been released.

Now the wait is over and the verdict is out – “Nail Tech” is a clear sign Harlow is just hitting his stride. The track sees him sound more confident and comfortable than ever.

Shortly after the track dropped, Ye praised Harlow, calling him out as one of the top five rappers working right now. Harlow responded on social media writing, “This right here…is one of the greatest moments of my entire life…glad y’all all get front row seats to it…”

For fans wondering what to expect from his upcoming album, which is now one of the most anticipated of the year, Harlow told Variety, “This one has a lot more of my DNA all over it: I’m acting as a producer for the first time. I know my venues are about to get bigger, and I want my music to connect out there. I wanna turn up!”

As of this writing, a release date for Jack Harlow’s second album has not been set, but we can likely expect it to come out in the next few months. Until then, put “Nail Tech” on repeat as you prepare for what else the rapper has prepared for his sophomore album.