Is your camera within reach and ready to go?

Are you ready to capture whatever comes into view at any given moment? Most of us are not. Why? Our camera is tucked away safely in our bag, waiting for its next adventure. I’m waiting for my next adventure also, but apparently, all my adventures for this year have been canceled. So now what?

You never know what might appear to take photos of

Lucky for me a family of foxes has taken up residency under my neighbor’s garden shed. A few days ago the kits made their first venture out into the yard and oh my gosh, they are so incredibly adorable.

When they first came out though I had to run and get my camera out of my bag, change lenses and make sure I had put the SD card back in it before I could go out and take photos of them. Whew! I almost or very easily could have missed them. I would not have been happy had that happened.

Don’t miss another shot

Someone commented on one of the images I posted on Facebook that they had a fox (insert any other sort of wildlife, birds, turtles, squirrels here) come through their property and they missed it because by the time they went to get their camera it was gone. Has this ever happened to you? It happens to me all the time, especially with the cardinals that hang out in our backyard. You’d think I’d be better prepared. In reality, I’m not overly worried about photographing cardinals so I just don’t.

Be a good scout and be ready

You know, be prepared. Since the oh-so-cute baby foxes are out every morning and evening now though, I’m ready. My camera and 100-400mm lens are sitting out right next to my back patio doors and on a chair in my kitchen, so I can grab it and even shoot through my kitchen window if I have to.

I always have an extra SD card on hand and also make sure I have an extra charged battery ready to switch out if need be. They have a routine we’ve learned over the last few days so I also get up and go check around the times they seem to come out to play.


If you are in an area with lots of birds or squirrels, or anywhere there may be a chance of something photographic happening, be ready. Keep your camera out, make sure your batteries are charged and your memory cards are empty and ready to fill. It doesn’t hurt anything to have your camera within reach so you don’t miss a great shot. I’ve even got my husband to make sure his camera is charged, on the counter and out ready to go.