Is Tom DeLonge Rejoining Blink 182? Don’t Celebrate Just Yet

Rumors of Tom DeLonge rejoining Blink 182 after officially departing from the band may be premature. A few weeks ago, Matt Skiba announced he wasn’t sure if he was still a member of the band, creating a buzz with fans that something might have been in the works.

Skiba doesn’t have Blink 182 listed on any of his social media profiles, and when one fan asked if he was still a member of the legendary pop-punk band he recorded two albums with, Skiba responded, “Your guess is as good as mine. Regardless, I am very proud of and thankful for my time with Blink 182. We shall see…”

Then, to celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, the band shared a set of Funko Pops featuring DeLonge. The former guitarist for the band then posted a throwback image of Blink 182 on his Instagram, tagging the band in the post.

Going further, DeLonge updated his IG bio to include Blink 182. Considering he doesn’t list Box Car Racer on his bio (his short live band with Travis Barker), it was fair for fans to think a reunion was imminent.

You can squash those hopes for the time being. Mark Hoppus has heard the buzz and will have none of it! The singer and bassist took to discord to squash the rumors saying there is “no news to share.”

Hoppus then reiterated, “There is no announcement. Today is thirty years of blink-182!”

In a separate post twenty minutes later, Hoppus clarified, “If and when blink has any announcement about anything, you will hear it from the official blink-182 outlets. Not teased on a radio station like ‘tune in for a major announcement…Tom tagged Mark in a photo from two decades ago.’”

What do you think? Are you hoping where there is smoke there is fire and that an OG Blink 182 reunion is in the works?