Is counting calories really helpful?

Counting Calories

Does counting calories actually have a positive effect on your weight? Or is all hyped up?

If you are confused about the effectiveness of counting calories, you are in luck! We have rounded up a number of reasons why keeping track of your daily calorie intake can be beneficial.

However, counting calories may be more complicated than it seems. If you are looking to lose weight, a methodical approach to calorie tracking is what you need. Consider opting for a smartwatch to keep track of everything you eat.

Read on to understand how calorie counting can be critical to staying in shape.

Achieving a calorie deficit for weight loss

Weightless Calories

We get energy from the food we consume. A portion of the obtained energy is used by our body for its immediate needs. Once these basic needs are met, the rest of it is stored away for future use. A part of this reserved energy is broken down and stored in our muscles and liver as glycogen, while the rest of it is stored as fat. If you consume more calories than you require, your fat reserves will keep increasing. This is the primary cause of weight gain.

Conversely, if your body doesn’t get the required energy from the food you consume, it will be forced to seek energy from the stored reserves. This state of keeping your body in a calorie deficit is what can help you lose weight.

Calories are unequal

Unequal Calories

While carbohydrates, protein and fat, all contain calories, in terms of health they aren’t all created equally. Food that may have the same number of calories may drastically vary in their nutritional quality. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a lot more nutrient-dense than conventional sweets and junk food. They even have different health implications in the long term.

Take for example; 100 calories of pastry will not curb your hunger as efficiently as 100 calories of fruits. This is because of the difference in the quantity of sugar, fibre and refined carbohydrates in the two items.

Benefits of calorie counting

Better decision making

Decision making for Calories

By keeping a check on your daily calorie consumption, you develop better insight on the nutritional value of what you are consuming. Slowly but surely, you will start making healthier choices by abstaining from food with low nutritional content. If you opt to track your calories via a smartwatch, you can stay informed and steer away from products with a higher calorie count. From casual snacking to a full blown meal, by making a note of the calories you consume, you can optimise your health and fitness.

Eating smaller portions

The biggest misconception about calorie control is that you need to restrict yourself and stop eating certain items. On the contrary, it is more about eating smaller portions and finding healthier alternatives. By counting calories you tend to take a closer look, both at the quality and quantity of what you are eating. By opting for healthier portions, you will automatically start to cut down on take-out and processed items.

The ability to visualise

Visualise Calories

This is a habit that you can learn by paying attention to the food label. By reading the ingredients and calorie count, you start to visualise how the food will affect your goals, your calories and your overall health. Doing this will put into perspective what really works well for your body, and what is best minimised. The ability to visualise can have a number of positive health benefits in the long term.

Improved accountability and motivation

Improve Motivation

By planning your meals you approach nutrition in a structured and methodical manner. In the process you take more accountability of what you consume. Upon noticing an improvement in your diet and health, the positive changes in your eating behaviour are great to boost your motivation. This cycle of healthy habits and the positive changes in your weight can keep you inspired and dedicated.

With wearables such as a smartwatch, counting calories has never been easier. The integration of calorie tracking present in a number of Noise smartwatches can help you stay healthy and keep your weight in check.