INXS Mark “INXS Day” with Shabooh Shoobah Reissue, New Live Album

INXS played their first show on August 16th, 1977. 45 years later, the band has officially christened the date as “INXS Day,” and they’re celebrating by reissuing their album Shabooh Shoobah, sharing the live album Live At The US Festival, and more.

INXS Day begins with a TikTok livestream in which the band and their executive producer, Giles Martin, discuss their album Kick track-by-track. From there, they’ll celebrate the 40th anniversary of Shabooh Shoobah — released October 16th, 1982 — with black and limited edition clear vinyl, as well as a digital deluxe box set.

Additionally, INXS will issue their nine-song May 28th, 1983 performance at the US Festival on vinyl and CD for the first time. Like the Shabooh Shoobah reissue, Live At The US Festival arrives October 28th. Pre-orders are ongoing.

INXS Day also sees the reissue of the band’s The Very Best compilation, mixed by Martin in Dolby Atmos surround sound. The band seemed most excited about this project; in a statement, guitarist Tim Farriss shared, “What Giles has done is to not only recreate the original mixes, but now you’re blown away because you hear all this stuff that you just didn’t hear before.” Saxophonist and guitarist Kirk Pengilly added, “I take my hat off to Giles, who has been able to process the sounds accurately with today’s technology. It sounds like the original album but now, spread out over a 3D space. It sounds incredible.”

Finally, INXS plan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1992 album Welcome to Wherever You Are by sharing five music videos in HD for the first time: “Heaven Sent,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” “Taste It,” “Beautiful Girl,” and “Not Enough Time.” Those clips will be uploaded to the band’s YouTube on October 28th.

Back in 2019, longtime INXS collaborator Richard Lowenstein explored the life of original frontman Michael Hutchence in the documentary Mystify