I’m a manager at Google by day and culinary student by night. Here’s my daily routine, which starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m.

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Harrison Hill, a strategic partnerships development manager at Google and culinary student, based in New York City, about his daily work routine. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

After returning to the office in August 2022, I decided to apply to the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) to foster my passion for food while keeping the job I love at Google.

Harrison Hill wearing his chef uniform.
Hill works during the day and attends culinary school at night. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott



I feel fortunate that Google supports employees pursuing interests beyond the workplace. In my case, Google even contributed funding for cooking school.

Side-by-side picture of Harrison Hill's Google headshot and him in his chef uniform.
Hill has cooking class three days a week. 
Courtesy of Harrison Hill


I start my day around 7 a.m. with a whole milk iced latte from Solid State, my favorite coffee shop on the Upper West Side.

Harrison Hill grabbing some morning coffee at a cafe.
Hill grabbing a drink from Solid State. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


Then I return home and have Greek yogurt for breakfast. I check my calendar to assess the day ahead and answer urgent emails.

Harrison Hill typing on his laptop.
Hill responds to a few urgent emails early in the morning. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


My home office includes a stainless steel prep counter that doubles as a standing desk. I recently got into TikTok, so I have a ring light to shoot cooking videos as well.

Harrison Hill standing in his home workstation.
Hill has a food and workstation just outside his kitchen. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


The bottom shelf of my prep counter houses my cooking essentials: KitchenAid mixer, Vitamix, spice grinder, Cuisinart, and an Anova chamber vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking.

Cooking equipment stocked on bottom shelf.
Hill perfects his culinary skills at home with proper cooking tools. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


In the mornings, I speak to clients in Poland, before heading to the gym. In the evenings I chat with clients in LA.

Harrison Hill standing in his home workstation.
Hill connects with clients located in later time zones, earlier in the day. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


At 7:30 a.m., I head to a nearby gym to workout with my trainer, Julia Derek. Early workouts can be tough, but I try to exercise at least twice a week — on days when I work from home.

Harrison Hill in a gym working out with his trainer.
Google offers a hybrid remote and in-person work schedule. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


After working out, I head home to shower and pack up my chef’s whites (uniform). Then I go to the office.

Harrison Hill in his kitchen in front of his fridge.
Hill checking his fridge before leaving for work. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


I’ve worked full-time at Google for four years and I’m currently a strategic partnerships development manager, which is basically relationship management. I use my commute to check my inbox and read up on industry news.

Harrison Hill on the subway train.
Hill checks his phone during his commute to work. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


The Google office in Hudson Square — a neighborhood on the West Side of Manhattan between TriBeCa, Greenwich Village, and Soho — is just a 25-minute subway ride from my apartment.

The Google office building located in Hudson Square.
New York City houses Google’s second largest office. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott, Source: Google


After arriving to the office around 9:15 a.m., I greet coworkers and drop off my bag and cooking-school gear at my desk.

Harrison Hill's desk at the Google office.
Hill’s work desk. 
Courtesy of Harrison Hill


Next, I like to seek out a quiet spot to get started on my work. I like to tackle the day’s most difficult tasks first. In my role, I work primarily on programmatic integrations.

Harrison Hill sitting on a couch in a small room with his laptop.
Hill working in a small Google meeting room. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


My job focuses on Google’s authorized buyers, which allows advertisers and agencies — using a demand-side platform — to buy ad space on apps and websites through automated real-time auctions.

Harrison Hill working from his desk in a Google office space.
Hill can take client calls from this Google phone room. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


By 10:30 a.m., I join a colleague for a much needed matcha break. My coworker Megan catches me up on her vacation and we talk deal strategies for the coming quarter.

Harrison Hill and his coworker sitting in a cafe.
Hill meets with his coworker in a Google cafe. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


A typical day at the office includes a combination of bi-weekly client calls and one-on-ones with solutions architects. By mid-day I pause to refuel in one of Google’s cafés.

Harrison Hill working on his laptop in front of a colorful wall at the Google office.
Solutions architects implement technical solutions for Google clients. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


After lunch, I head back to my desk to log feature requests in real time as I get feedback from customers for a quarterly business review.

Harrison Hill working at his desk.
Google offers employees free food, beverages, and snacks. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


I like to stay engaged by moving around the office. One of my favorite spots is this roof deck. I love that I can be outside during the day, weather permitting.

Harrison Hill sitting outdoors working on his laptop.
Google’s Hudson office has a roof area. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


Sometimes if I need a pick-me-up, I’ll grab a Snickers from the micro-kitchen.

The snack drawer at the Hudson Square Google office.
Google’s micro-kitchen has a variety of snacks. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


My workday usually ends around 5:30 p.m. I check my inbox and answer urgent emails in the evenings, especially from clients.

Harrison Hill leaving the Google New York office.
After work, Hill heads to his culinary class. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


I hop on the subway and take a stroll through the Oculus on my way to Brookfield Place for cooking school. The Google office is 11 minutes from the Oculus.

The inside of Oculus.
The Oculus is a transportation hub located at the World Trade Center. 
Courtesy of Harrison Hill


Class starts promptly at 7 p.m. Each day, Chef Jason Hawk teaches us how to tackle a new fundamental cooking skill.

Harrison Hill posing with his culinary instructor, chef Jason Hawk.
Hill poses for a photo with his instructor. 
Courtesy of Harrison Hill


A dream of mine is to meet Chef Thomas Keller and dine at The French Laundry.

Harrison Hill staring at a picture on a wall.
Keller is a renowned American chef who owns many bakeries and restaurants across the US. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott, Source: Thomas Keller


Today we’re learning how to butcher veal as part of our unit on protein fabrication. Chef Jason shows us how to take the loin and belly off the bones (we’ll save these to make stock).

Harrison Hill cutting into veal.
During each class, Hill learns or perfects a new cooking skill. 
Courtesy of Harrison Hill


I make sure to document the process to upload to TikTok after class. I post daily about what I learn in cooking school.

Harrison Hill recording himself preparing a meal.
Hill’s TikTok handle is @cookingwithharrison. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


Culinary school, like my work at Google, is all about teamwork. It also gives me a chance to exercise muscles I don’t use at the office, like working directly with my hands.

Harrison Hill preparing a meal with his culinary classmates.
Hill prepares a dish with his classmates. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


After class, I swap my clogs and chef whites back for my work clothes. I was surprised to learn that chefs don’t wear their whites to commute, as doing so would pose a sanitation risk.

Harrison Hill leaving culinary school for the day.
Class runs for four hours and ends at 11 p.m. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


As I head uptown for a hot shower and bed, I edit footage from class to upload to TikTok.

Harrison Hill waiting for a train in the subway.
Hill works on his TikTok page during his commute home. 
Courtesy of Vic Walcott


Manhattan street noise makes recording voice overs tricky, so I usually wait to record them once home.

Harrison Hill's TikTok page.
One of Hill’s early TikTok videos. 
Courtesy of Harrison Hill


After posting my daily video, I head straight to bed. On the three days a week when I have cooking school, I don’t fall asleep until midnight or 1 a.m.

Harrison Hill in bed holding a thumbs up.
Hill headed to bed. 
Courtesy of Harrison Hill


But in spite of my jam-packed schedule, I’ve never felt more energized both by my career and cooking school.

Strategic partnerships development manager Harrison Hill taking a selfie in New York City.
After Hill’s classes end on August 1, he looks forward to continuing his growth at Google. 
Courtesy of Harrison Hill