Hugh Jackman Dons Wolverine’s Classic Comics Costume for First Time in Deadpool 3 Photo

It’s taken 10 films, but we finally get to see Wolverine in a comics-accurate costume. Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to share the first official photo from the set of Deadpool 3, showing off not just co-star Hugh Jackman’s return to his career-making role as Logan, but his wearing of the character’s iconic yellow-and-blue uniform.

Jackman has portrayed Wolverine in nine films, between the original X-Men trilogy, his solo trilogy, and a trio of diminishing-returns First Class entries. Through all that time, the closest we got to a comic-accurate depiction of Wolverine’s attire was the naked Weapon X scene from the forgettable X-Men: Apocalypse. A scene cut from 2013’s The Wolverine saw the character receiving the yellow-and-brown costume from the ’80s, but even that was just a tease.

Now, however, we finally get to see the quintessential Wolverine actor in the quintessential Wolverine outfit. The particular design being used in Deadpool 3 seems most closely based on artist John Cassaday’s mid-2000s variation from the Joss Whedon-penned Astonishing X-Men series. Though fans might think it’s a bit odd to see Logan in long sleeves, the side stripes and claw guards make everything worth it.

There may be some in-movie logic as to why this version of Wolverine is, for one, alive considering the ending of Logan, and for two, finally wearing the yellow-and-blue suit: It’s possible this is a different variant of the Logan we’ve come to know and love on screen. The fact that Deadpool 3 is meant to bridge the old FOX X-Men universe with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and news that Jennifer Garner would be returning as Elektra for the film suggests a Spider-Man: No Way Home-style multiversal plot.

There’s also rumors that other pre-MCU Marvel actors (Ben Affleck as Daredevil, Halle Berry as Storm, even Channing Tatum as Gambit) may also appear. We’ll see what rumors become reality when Deadpool 3 slashes into theaters on May 3rd, 2024.