How to stack up the ultimate South East Asian adventure

Start destination: Phuket. Dates: 2nd- 9th January

Tastiest food: Spicy papaya salad

Most spellbinding view: Seeing the rolling sands and verdant jungles of Ko Phi Phi from the best viewpoint on the island

Paradise ain’t a bad place to start. So let’s start with the Western Thai Islands shall we? (And Phuket, to be precise). Floating from there to the impossibly pretty Phi Phi islands, before more eye-watering island vistas in Krabi, you’ll slowly discover everything you’d ever want from a vacay.

Jaw-dropping beaches (one so jaw-dropping they it’s the titular star of a Leo movie).  Cold cocktails sipped from coconuts. Insane nightlife. Oh, and local guides to show you around – plus accommodation, new friends and envy-inducing experiences all included. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Don’t lie in that hammock for too long, though. We’re just getting started. And (*checks time*), you need to get to Bangkok.