• A monthly financial disclosure for Trump’s Save America PAC was released Saturday.
  • It showed that the committee spent a substantial amount on legal consultations in July.
  • The PAC also donated to the Smithsonian and paid for news subscriptions.

Former President Donald Trump’s Save America political action committee spent nearly $4 million in July on everything from legal consultations to news subscriptions, as well as a staggering charitable donation to the Smithsonian, according to a financial disclosure released Saturday.

One of several PACs affiliated with the former president, the Save America leadership PAC has fundraised on promoting voter fraud claims, stopping the left, and supporting Trump’s picks for elections.

Save America disbursed more than $3.9 million in July on expenses such as transportation, lodging, broadcasting, payroll, and more, the financial disclosure to the Federal Election Commission showed.

The PAC paid $17 for The New York Times and $100 for The Washington Post subscriptions — outlets the former president has criticized as “Fake News Media” — as well as other news sources.

The group also paid the Smithsonian Institution an unusual and rather large charitable donation of $650,000.

Moreover, nearly one million was spent on legal consultations for several firms last month, up from around $555,000 in June to about $964,400 in July.

At least 44 individuals — including Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to Trump, and Taylor Budowich, Trump’s spokesperson — were paid various amounts through payroll.

The reason for the uptick in legal fee spending in July, or for the donation and news subscriptions, was unclear. Save America PAC did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Politico reported in February that the Save America PAC was donating to firms that were representing top Trump aides who had been subpoenaed by the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot.

Established in November 2020, the PAC has spent nearly $25 million this year so far, and ended July with more than $99 million on hand, per the disclosure.

But according to Bloomberg, the PAC wouldn’t be able to contribute more than $5,000 per election to a Trump campaign, meaning all of that money could not but spent on a 2024 Trump presidential run, if he does enter the race.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday Trump’s PAC saw a major spikes in donations after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, reaching $1 million a day at one point. Messages urging Trump’s supporters to donate included statements like “THEY BROKE INTO MY HOME,” “They’re coming after YOU,” and “THIS IS INSANE.”

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