Here’s What the Green Lantern of Zack Snyder’s Justice League Could’ve Looked Like

Green Lantern John Stewart creating a turret construct.

Image: Rafa Sandoval/DC

This weekend celebrates the one-year anniversary of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max. For fans of Snyder’s work, it was a long time coming after the numerous reports that the film’s production was extremely troubled, from the director departing the project after his daughter’s passing to Joss Whedon taking over not long after.


Snyder’s always been up front about what his plans were for his time in the DCEU, and he has in the past talked about how he wanted to eventually bring John Stewart’s Green Lantern into the fold. Actor Wayne T. Carr (The Tragedy of Macbeth) was set to play Stewart, but his scenes were ultimately cut due to HBO Max working on a Green Lantern project of their own. On Friday, Carr revealed what his Lantern would’ve looked like in Snyder’s cinematic universe, tweeting a partial pic of the costume with the caption “Give the fans what they want,” followed by the opening of the Green Lantern oath.

The most important takeaway from the costume is that it’s an actual physical suit that looks pretty faithful to the source material. For many fans of the Lanterns, this was one of many things that the widely disliked 2011 movie starring Ryan Reynolds got wrong. Just including Stewart at all is a pretty big deal—fans of the Justice League cartoon weren’t really enthused that Hal Jordan was the lead of the previous movie, and there’s been hope from many that Stewart will eventually get to to headline a genuine live-action Green Lantern project.

HBO Max’s aforementioned Green Lantern series is already said to not include Stewart or Jordan. With the state of DC films being what they are, it’s possible that Carr could eventually overcome fear in a film for theaters or HBO Max. But for now, fans and Carr will have to rely on this pic to fuel their emerald imaginations.

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