GWAR Bud of Gods 4/20 Special: Bake Your Own Bundle at the Consequence Shop

Spring is in the air, and the religious-experience holiday of 4/20 is upon us. In celebration, GWAR have cooked up a special treat for fans of the band’s Bud of Gods CBD collection over at Consequence Shop.

The intergalactic barbarians are offering a limited-edition “Bake Your Own Bundle” that allows customers to save up to 30% off the retail cost of the individual products.

Starting with a base of a “GWAR Bud of Gods” fanny pack, bandana, and pack of stickers for the low price of $39.99, you can choose to add a 5-count or 30-count jar of Bud of Gods Delta-8 gummies, or a 30-count jar of New Dank Ages “Beast” gummies. You can also add one of three Delta-8 vapes (Blue Dream, Sour OG, or New Dank Ages).

Of course, you can always check out more items in the Bud of Gods collection, including Delta-9 flower, pre-rolls, T-shirts, shot glasses, and more.

So, whether you plan on chillaxing on 4/20 or catching GWAR at the Bonnaroo festival in June, save yourself some dough by baking your own Bud of Gods bundle.

GWAR 4/20 product image