Freddie Gibbs Announces New Album $oul $old $eparately, Shares “Too Much”: Stream

Everything is on the table now that Freddie Gibbs has announced his debut album for Warner Records, $oul $old $eparately. It’s out September 30th, and as a preview, Gibbs has uncorked the new single “Too Much” featuring Moneybagg Yo.

$oul $old $eparately is Gibbs first new album since collaborating with The Alchemist on arguably the best rap release of 2020, Alfredo. The thing is, Gibbs also put out arguably the best rap release of 2019 (Bandana with Madlib), 2018 (Freddie), 2017 (You Only Live 2wice), 2015 (Shadow of a Doubt), and 2013 (Piñata, again with Madlib). Some day Superman won’t come out of the phone booth, but for a decade now, Gibbs’ has been rapping faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. And when he comes out of the bathroom rubbing his nose, don’t be surprised if he leaps tall buildings, too.

“Too Much” is an ode to excess, built around a flow so long it could block the Suez Canal. “N**** got way too many enemies, they gotta be chewed up,” he spits, “N***** with the monkey diamonds they never could fool us.” After Gibbs’ fastballs, Moneybag Yo throws a curveball on the beat produced by IV. “Trappin’ in designer, blue Balenci’ with Adidas,” he raps, “Mama knew I was a hustler in her stomach as a fetus.”

The song comes with a music video set in a casino. It shows slots, craps, room service bringing piles of money instead of food, and a fairly good sketch joke involving a Klondike Bar. Check it out below.

Pre-orders for $oul $old $eparately are ongoing. Later this year Gibbs will appear at III Points Festival and Dia de Los Deftones, and tickets are available here.