Fleet Foxes Witness “A Sky Like I’ve Never Seen” on New Single: Stream

Fleet Foxes are back today with “A Sky Like I’ve Never Seen,” a new single recorded with Brazilian musician Tim Bernardes for the upcoming Prime Video documentary Wildcat.

The Melissah Lesh and Trevor Beck Frostdirected Wildcat follows the unusual love story between a young veteran who ventures on a journey through the Amazon and meets the head of a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center. With its lush string arrangements and airy production, “A Sky Like I’ve Never Seen” mirrors Wildcat‘s themes of whirlwind love and drastic self-discovery. The film hits theaters December 21st and Prime Video December 30th.

“I was inspired by how the film employed unconventional means to arrive at something universally moving, and was struck by all the collisions inherent in the film’s conceit — between species, between hemispheres, between individuals, between the psychological and the natural,” frontman Robin Pecknold said in a press release. “In hotel rooms and in borrowed studios, on time stolen from a world tour, I put this song together. It was an honor to be asked to make a song that could serve as an end-cap to this unique and affecting story and to collaborate with Tim again.”

Fleet Foxes have also today announced Wading in Waist-High Water: The Lyrics of Fleet Foxes, a book containing Pecknold’s complete lyrics from 55 songs, accompanied with notes on his creative processes, inspirations, and motivations, giving a deeper look into his artistic visions. Pre-orders for Wading in Waist-High Water are ongoing ahead of its November 15th release. Below, stream Fleet Foxes’ “A Sky Like I’ve Never Seen.”

Fleet Foxes’ last album was 2020’s Shore. Since then, Pecknold teamed up with Post Malone for the rapper’s song “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol.”