Federal Judge Orders Arizona Child To Dismantle Border Wall He Built Out Of Legos

NOGALES, AZ — On the heels of a court order to remove a makeshift wall constructed from shipping containers along the southern border, a federal judge has also ordered a local child to dismantle a wall he built over the last week with his Legos.

“There is simply no provision in the Constitution for a wall of this kind,” Judge Bob Sacamano said in his ruling. “I hereby order this young man to dismantle his Lego wall immediately or face further sanctions from the court.”

Young Lucas Callow, the builder of the wall in question, took the judge’s order in stride. “I built the wall in less than a day. I can take it apart and build anything I want,” Lucas said to reporters when asked for comment. Lucas’s parents seemed unconcerned about the federal ruling. “He just loves building things. We didn’t think his wall would be a problem,” said Lucas’s mother, Erin, “but I guess walls of any kind are prohibited in this part of the country.”

As surges of migrants continue to flow across the U.S.-Mexico border, security has become even more of a hot-button issue. The Biden administration has vowed to fight back against any attempts made by states, local authorities, or even civilians, to construct border walls without federal permission.

At publishing time, little Lucas Callow had reportedly already moved on to his next building project, believed to be a helicopter, which is sure to draw attention and a possible legal reprimand from the Federal Aviation Administration.

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