Extract a still from video in Lightroom Classic

While leading a photo tour in the city of Chicago, I had a camera I’m not overly familiar with. In the process of taking photos, I ended up with a few short, as in 1-2 second, videos.

I never really considered pulling out individual frames from a video to use as still images before. It turns out the 4K video creates pretty good images.

Here is how I extracted a single from one of the videos.

Original video

This is the original video. I accidentally changed settings on the camera I was using and that’s how I ended up with a few of these.

How to extract a single frame

Open up your library in Lightroom Classic and find the video you want to pull an image from.

filmstrip in video Lightroom extract


At the bottom of the image, you’ll see the play button box. If you click on the settings gear it will open up the filmstrip. Click on the round button/slider and pull it to find the frame you want to save.

slider button on video in Lightroom


Once you have the frame you want, click on the rectangle next to the settings gear. Choose capture frame. That extracts the frame you chose and saves it as a jpg in your photo library.

filmstrip in Lightroom mode extract


saved jpg in Lightroom video extract
Still image saved as a JPEG in your catalog

From there, edit as usual.

girl in puddle in crosswalk


Honestly, it’s so simple to do. I might have to see what else I have to pull from other videos.