Eminem Is Selling Jars of “Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce”

You no longer have to venture to Detroit to get the taste of mom’s spaghetti. Mom’s Spaghetti, the pasta restaurant inspired by the timeless Eminem lyric, will now be selling jars of its “Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce” online, available for nationwide shipping.

Eminem opened the brick-and-mortar Mom’s Spaghetti diner in 2021 after a handful of successful pop-ups (he also donated cups of the stuff to Michigan heathcare workers during the height of the pandemic). However, this marks the first time jars of the spaghetti sauce will be available to purchase on their own, in units of 25-ounce pureed tomato goodness.

“Get your sweaters ready for some tasty s’ghetti sauce,” reads the product description online. “For the most legitimate Mom’s Spaghetti pasta, pull some pre-cooked spaghetti from the fridge and reheat in a frying pan while adding your Mom’s Spaghetti sauce … It’s ready when the noodles have a bit of a snap and the sauce is heated to taste … That’s how you get a great leftover taste the first time around! Add powdered parm and serve with some Texas toast with garlic butter for s’ghetti like we serve it up on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit.”

The sauce, as well as its parent restaurant, was created in partnership between Eminem, his manager Paul Rosenberg, and the Detroit-based restaurant group Union Joints. You can purchase your own jar of Mom’s Spaghetti Pasta Sauce here. (Don’t forget a bib for your sweater.)

Mom’s Spaghetti, obviously, references Eminem’s smash hit “Lose Yourself.” Earlier this year, the rapper filed a cease and desist letter against Republican presidential primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy after the politician performed a bastardized rendition of the song at the Iowa State Fair.