Elizabeth Perkins on Season 2 of Minx, the Music of the ’70s, and Seeing Joni Mitchell Live

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Elizabeth Perkins drops by to chat with Kyle Meredith about joining the cast of Minx for its second season.

The actress talks about her first impressions of the show and what it was like to work in the setting of 1970s Los Angeles. With classic songs from that era playing throughout the series, Perkins discusses what her character Constance would be listening to, as well as how the show tells the social stories of that decade.

She then ties the past to the present when talking about a recent Joni Mitchell show she caught at The Gorge in Washington. She also shares what it was like to film the series only to have it canceled by HBO right before wrapping — and then to have it picked up by Starz (which is where you can find the series now).

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