Dry Cleaning Have a “Hot Penny Day” on Fallon: Watch

Dry Cleaning returned to the stage of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. As the evening’s musical guest, the South London post-punks performed “Hot Penny Day,” a standout track from their new sophomore album Stumpwork. 

Although the music of Dry Cleaning tends to feel restless and frenetic, they find power in subtlety when it comes to their live performances. During their Fallon visit, vocalist Florence Shaw remains mostly still the duration of the song, but the spectacle is anything but boring. She has a knack for hypnotizing her audience with her wide, glazed-over stare, her eyes this time embellished with glitter.

But Shaw’s placidity onstage doesn’t feel apathetic. Rather, it feels as though she’s laser-focused on the music, allowing her words to come to the forefront: “Can’t you see I’m trying? Can’t you see my bloodshot eyes?” she begs, enunciating each syllable deliberately in her trademark deadpan delivery. Check out Dry Cleaning’s performance of “Hot Penny Day” on Fallon below.

Stumpwork, out last October, follows Dry Cleaning’s 2021 debut album New Long Leg. The band is celebrating the release of the new record with a US and Europe tour through mid-March; grab tickets to see them over at Ticketmaster.