Different Types of Suit Fits

Slim fit

Slim fit is not only for lean body types. It is suitable for all body types. Slim does not necessarily mean the suit fits like Superman’s costume. It just indicates that it sits just right on your body without the hassle of excess fabric.

Extreme slim fit

This type of fit is suitable for the trim man. It has a narrow waist and chest that hugs the body but does not constrict movement. The pants are low rise, with a thin opening. It is perfect for guys who want to show off their lean physiques. Even if the suit is a three-piece suit, the shape of the body is still very evident in the fabric.

Classic fit

The classic fit is still the most preferred type of fit by most men. It is the relaxed type where you don’t have to restrict any movement. Even though the cut is relaxed on the waist and chest, it still maintains a clean silhouette.

Modern fit

Modern fit belongs between the classic and slim fits. This type of fit is suitable for those who are looking for a more modern look but are unsure if they can pull off a slim fitting suit. The modern fit is more relaxed than a slim fit.

Portly fit

Not all men prefer slim fitting suits. Some still prefer to have more room for varied movements but still have that air of elegance. The chest and body of the suit are spacious, and the trouser leg provides superior comfort.

Lapels and vents

Lapels and vents are fundamental features of a conventional suit. The lapels are the flaps on the chest, while the vents are the slits on the bottom of the back of the suit. There are three types of lapels: the peak, notch and shawl lapels. The peak is the most common type. Double breasted suits belong to the notch type, and the shawl lapel is common on dinner jackets and tuxedos.

Suit vents come in three different sizes: the side vent, the centre vent and the no vent. The side vents are on either side of the suit’s bottom. There are also suits with no vents or slits, and the centre vent is right smack in the middle of the suit’s bottom.

This information will help you pick out the most suitable suit for your body type. You may think that a suit is just that: a three-piece suit, but it can come in different shapes to accommodate men’s diverse needs.