Curious about Ricoh GR III’s Positive Film profile? Here’s a quick look

There’s no doubt that the Ricoh GR III is among the most popular compact cameras today, especially among street photographers. As with Fujifilm cameras, the GR III also comes with its own set of picture profiles. In case you’re curious about Positive Film, which is the most popular of these, here’s a video that’s sure to interest you.

As Luke Taylor noted in his video’s description, of the 11 picture profiles preloaded in the Ricoh GR III, the Positive Film effect seems to be the most popular among Ricoh shooters. So, to see what the hype is about, he spent a week shooting with this effect and shared his insights and results in a quick review.

His primary observation is that reds and oranges are particularly bright, while the rest are mostly muted. The profile also has a lot of contrast and tends to retain details in the shadows. Skin tones, however, tend to be tricky, especially in low light or artificial lighting.

What do you think of Ricoh GR III’s Positive Film effect? Do you agree with Taylor’s findings in his review? How do you think it compares with Fujifilm’s popular film simulation presets? Share your thought with us in the comments below, or in our group discussion if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!