Conservative affiliate group cuts ties with daughter of banker accused of having connections to the Russian security service, following Insider article

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  • The daughter of a banker allegedly connected with Russia’s security service had access to some top UK politicians.
  • One of the political organizations, the CFCC, she was working for has now cut ties.
  • The CFCC said they “condemn Russia’s barbaric and illegal actions in invading Ukraine.”

One of the Conservative groups who Ilma Bogdan was working for has cut ties, following an Insider article highlighting her relationship with a man accused of having links with the Russian security services.

The Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council was one of several Tory affiliates that Bogdan was linked to. She was listed as an executive committee member on CCFC’s website and on her LinkedIn profile.

On Friday, Insider revealed that she was the daughter of Leonard Bogdan, whose name has been raised during two recent debates in the House of Commons.

In January, Labour MP Liam Byrne said he was “a man with very interesting friends in the FSB and the SVR.” A few days later, Byrne said his sources claim Leonard Bogdan “has a definite FSB background.”

The FSB and SVR are Russia’s security and intelligence agencies that act as successors to the KGB.

Ilma Bogdan confirmed that Leonard was her father but said he “he doesn’t have any connection with the FSB whatsoever.”

She later tweeted to clarify her “unequivocal” position was against “the Kremlin’s decision to invade Ukraine, a sovereign country.”

On Sunday, CCFC confirmed it had cut ties, saying “the lady in question no longer has any connection” with the group. In a statement, the council added: “The CFCC and United Kingdom will continue to exert pressure at all levels to oppose Putin’s act of aggression, including through sanctions, humanitarian aid, and diplomatic action.

“The CFCC and UK condemn Russia’s barbaric and illegal actions in invading Ukraine and convey our admiration for the steadfast resistance of the Ukrainian people in the face of tyranny. The CFCC and the United Kingdom stand with Ukraine.”