CineStill announces new CineStill 400D color film

Film photographers, rejoice! Following the announcement of Kodak Gold 200 in medium format, another new emulsion is currently in the works. Dubbed CineStill 400Dynamic or simply 400D, the new film is a daylight-balanced emulsion geared towards everyday photography.

CineStill noted that this new C41 film features fine grain, soft color palette with natural saturated color and warm skin tones. The highly versatile film can also be rated from 200 ISO to 800 ISO, and even pushed up to 3200 ISO. As such, it’s suitable for any lighting condition, event, indoor or studio photography, and outdoor shoots. 

In the video above, they introduce the 400D with some sample photos. It also doubles as an invitation for film photographers to support its production. They also mentioned that the new film will only be available for pre-order through their FILM MAKER crowdfunding campaign. This, they said, will help them gauge the interest for a new ISO 400 color film in the market.

“By becoming a CINESTILL FILM MAKER, backers will be pre-ordering this new film, with the ability to receive additional benefits and discounts, as well as be among the first in the world to receive film from the initial of 400D in both 35mm and 120 that will be shipped immediately after the culmination of the campaign.”

To make things even more exciting, they are also pushing to make it available in 4×5 large format. As of writing, the campaign already reached its targets for 35mm and 120 formats, and 21% left for 4×5 format. And there’s still 18 days left before the campaign closes!

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