Christopher Nolan Won’t Say No to Directing a Star Wars Movie

Batman? No. Television? No. Star WarsPass. In a rapid-fire round of yes-no interview questions, Christopher Nolan wouldn’t provide a straight answer when it came to whether or not he’d helm a movie about a land far, far away.

Because the interview game didn’t require elaboration, it’s unclear whether Nolan has any set plans to take on the Star Wars franchise — three new films are in the works, but different directors are already attached to each project — or if the filmmaker simply sees more remaining magic in the sci-fi series than, say, the superhero genre. Last year, Christian Bale said he’d only return to playing the Caped Crusader if Nolan was involved, but no one had mentioned a reboot.

These days, Nolan is of course busy promoting Oppenheimerhis epic about the creator of the atomic bomb. Starring Cillian Murphy, the movie also features Florence Pugh, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Rami Malek, and Matt Damon. The latter actor was so willing to work with Nolan again that he promised his wife in couples therapy he would take a break from acting to focus on his family — unless the director called him up.

Check out Nolan’s interview about Oppenheimer, Star Wars, and more below. His latest project hits theaters Friday, July 21st.