Choosing a water resistant smartwatch – Best smartwatch for swimmers

Smart Watch for Swimmers

Not all smartwatches can float in the deep end. A number of distinctions separate a regular smartwatch from one that can be reliably submerged. A water resistant smartwatch lets you track your activity by measuring your speed, heart rate, laps taken and calories burned. If you plan to unwind at the beach, swim in a lake or dive in a pool, the right smartwatch can help you make the perfect splash.

What to look for in a smartwatch for swimming?

Colorfit Pro 3 Assist

Water resistance in smartwatches makes it difficult for moisture to seep into your device. The resistance of a smartwatch is measured via its IP or ATM rating. IP or Ingress Protection, factors in both the water and dust resistance of your device. ATM refers to the amount of atmospheric pressure your smartwatch can endure as you swim deeper underwater.

Apart from paying attention to these ratings, look for products that offer additional tools to track and measure your swimming sessions.

– The screen is important. Opt for a watch with a screen that works flawlessly when submerged. Not only should you be able to gage all your metrics with a quick glance, you must be able to navigate with ease while underwater.

– Certain smartwatches come with a dedicated swimming mode to help you keep a tab on the number of laps you complete, total distance covered and time taken. From finding out your fastest lap time to calculating your average speed – look for a product with these additions.

– Heart rate measurement during your swim is important. Keep a tab on how hard you are pushing yourself though out your session. Taking a quick break when your heart beat exceeds a certain limit can save you from feeling burnt out the next day.

Our top recommendations Noise ColorFit Pro 3 and ColorFit Pro 3 Assist

Colorfit Pro 3

Both these smartwatches come with 5ATM water resistance making them both splash and dive proof. This rating indicates that they can survive submersion to a depth of 50 meters for a limited amount of time. Whether you prefer swimming indoors or amidst nature, both the ColorFit Pro 3 and ColorFit Pro 3 Assist are ideal swimming accessories.

Moreover, with the addition of 14 sports modes, you can indulge in a series of workouts such as cycling, running, performing yoga or playing cricket. Sweat it out without worrying about damaging your smartwatch. An abundance of lifestyle features including smart notifications, health tracking, full touch access and up to 10 days of battery life take the overall experience to another level.  

From improving your efficiency in the pool to keeping your weight in check, a water resistant smartwatch can make your swimming sessions more fun and productive. If you are looking for a smartwatch that can give your training a leg up, you can consider browsing through our complete collection of Noise wearables.