Can you get good warm photography gloves for under $20?

Is it possible to get good warm photography gloves for under $20? We had a look at the Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves.

Note: I received these gloves as a gift from a family member. This is a completely independent review. All thoughts about these gloves are our own.


  • Warm
  • Anti-Slip Silicone Palm Grips
  • Allows you to use up to three fingers in each hand for dexterity and feel
  • Wind-resistant
  • Heat pack-compatible pocket
  • Magnet design in fingers keeps loose finger-tops from flopping and getting in your way
  • Easy to remove fingers


  • Easy to remove fingers (this is not a typo … the fingers slip off slightly too easily at times)
  • Sewing is not precise by fingertips

Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves — Technical Specifications

Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves
Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves
  • High-stretch anti-pilling fleece fabric, wind-resistance
  • Magnet converts from full-finger to 3-Cut fingers gloves 
  • Palm partial synthetic leather and anti-Slip silicone to enhance grip
  • Heat-pack compatible pocket on the wrist to add warmth without interfering with dexterity.

Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves — Ergonomics and Build Quality

Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves
Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves

The gloves are reasonably well-built and warm. However, there is a lot of stitching and fabric that sticks out around the fingers.

The heat pack-compatible pocket is very unobtrusive. In fact, I did not notice it when I first received the gloves. This would accommodate a small heat pack around the wrist area. It is not deep enough to warm the palms, in other words.

Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves — In the field

The gloves make it very easy to use any camera or phone in the field. Also, my hands felt warm even in 20-degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures. The anti-slip silicone palm grips are a very welcome addition, and are one of the reasons I purchased these gloves.

I did not use the heat pack-compatible pocket, as my hands felt warm using equipment in 20-degree weather for approximately one hour while moving around. If I were standing still or photographing for more. than an hour, I would probably want warmer gloves.

I was able manipulate the controls for a DSLR, tripod, and also use my phone. The gloves are not designed to be able to text or otherwise use a smartphone.

Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves
Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves

Removable finger design

The 3-cut removable finger design makes it easy to remove the fingers. However, they’re so easy to remove that when I was using the tripod, the fingers came off a couple of times. For this reason, I’ve listed this as both a pro and a con.

Palmyth utilizes magnets in the fingers and glove. When removing the fingers, they automatically stick to the back of the glove, staying out of the way. The company states that “magnets are much easier to convert than the Hook & Loop and buttons used in ordinary gloves.” That certainly seemed to be the case, and in either case, the magnets worked well.

Palmyth Fleece Photography Gloves — Additional information

For the sake of brevity as well as writing for an audience of photography enthusiasts, I’ve shortened the name. The listed name on Amazon is “Palmyth Magnetic Fleece Fishing Gloves Convertible 3 Cut Fingers Ice Fishing Gloves.” It’s actually longer than that since there are more descriptors after that.

If you require waterproof gloves, Palmyth also manufactures those. Waterproof gloves would probably be better for ice fishing or fishing than these gloves, I would think. However, for photography, these do quite well. I mention this only because on the Amazon site, there’s a photo of a fisherman waist-deep in water.