Bring your Godox lights to life with accessories

Godox lights are an amazing addition to any studio, the AD200Pro is a value add to any kit (in my opinion). It’s an amazing moonlight or speedlight, but with a few additional accessories, it can be even better.

Godox S2 Bracket

The S2 Bracket is an improvement over the original S bracket. I could have gone for the S but the S-2 allows for usability with various other lights and flashes. You can also put two in one. The real benefit of the S2, is that they not only connect to a standard light stand, but they also have a Bowens mount, so I can use ALL of my Bowens mount light modifiers. It even has a hand grip for hand-holding your flash.

Godox S-R1 Adapter

I only just bought the Godox S-R1, it adapts from the rectangle AD200Pro head to a round head. It’s magnetic, making it perfect for the AK-R1. Lightweight, heavy-duty plastic, and has a screw-in lock and rubber grip to hold your flash in securely.


This was my Christmas present to myself! I adore the Godox AK-R1, I didn’t even know it existed until I went to a Photographer Tech Review livestream (thank you!). This comes in a kit and is totally magnetic. With multiple light modifiers, gels, grids, snoots, barn doors and my favorite the dome diffuser. Pop it on and aim at the ceiling for the most amazing bounced soft light. Just gorgeous.

Godox AD200Pro with S-R1, AK-R1 and dome diffuser pointed at white ceiling

It’s such a fabulous addition to my portrait studio. I am yet to play with the other bits and pieces, as I have been having WAY too much fun with the Dome. But I plan on playing with the gels and grids and possibly the snoot this week too.

Light Modifiers

So many Light Modifiers available, especially once you have the Bowens mount brackets. My favorites in the studio are the 95 cm Bowens mount Octobox Softbox, as well as the 50x130cm Strip softboxes (I have two of those) and the 8 cm snoot and the 45 cm beauty dish. I do have a few umbrellas, but to be honest I never seem to use them unless I am on location.

Beauty dish on S2 Bowens mount with Godox AD200Pro
Beauty dish and dome diffuser combination on two AD200Pro

The Godox AD200Pro are not my only studio lights, but I do adore them and these accessories from Godox make them even more versatile.