Bowing To Gay Agenda: Disney Adds Statue Of Walt And Mickey Holding Hands In Front Of A Pink Castle

ANAHEIM, CA—In a controversial move, Disney is bowing to the radical gay agenda by adding a statue of Walt Disney—a straight man—holding hands with Mickey, a character also traditionally seen as straight, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. 

“Are there no depths to which Disney will not stoop to satisfy the radical gay agenda?” said Sharon, an angry park guest upon hearing the news. “I have KIDS with me! And they have to see that? A male holding hands with another male? What a disgrace! I will be taking my business elsewhere, Disney!”

In addition to the statue, reports indicate that the Sleeping Beauty Castle has been painted with pink, white, and blue—the colors of the trans flag. 

“What a completely inappropriate assault on my eyes, just as I entered the park!” said first-time park guest Fred Hoylerd. “I shouldn’t have expected better in COMMIEfornia. Disney is totally woke now. It’s real sad.” 

LGBT groups joined conservatives in demanding the statue be torn down after discovering Walt Disney may have been a white Christian male. 

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