Balé Resort Nusa Dua Bali, A Modernist Oasis

Arrival into Modernist Serenity: First Impressions

It is hard to ignore the ambiance of sophisticated tranquility upon arriving at the Balé Resort Nusa Dua, which is a world apart from the usual bustle of Bali. This exclusive couples’ retreat in the prestigious Nusa Dua enclave offers a unique blend of modernist architecture and Balinese hospitality, presenting an intimate sanctuary designed to foster connection and relaxation.

The resort’s exterior, with its clean lines and minimalist design, sets the tone for a stay where attention to detail and aesthetics take center stage. The entrance, a modern marvel of design, leads guests through a serene pathway flanked by reflective pools, hinting at the architectural elegance that defines the property.

Each of the 29 pavilions is a testament to refined luxury, boasting private gardens and pools that offer seclusion and comfort in equal measure. The design ethos of the Balé Nusa Dua, crafted by prominent Indonesian architect Antony Liu, seamlessly integrates the natural and the architectural, creating spaces that are both expansive and intimate.

The lobby, an open-air space reminiscent of an art gallery, offers a striking first impression with its stark white pillars and dark water features. It’s a place where artistry and nature coalesce, setting a precedent for the bespoke experience that unfolds within the resort.

Service at the Balé is nothing short of exceptional, with personal butlers attending to guests’ needs around the clock, ensuring a stay that is as effortless as it is enjoyable. The staff’s dedication to maintaining the pristine condition of the resort is evident in every meticulously swept pathway and polished surface.

Tranquil Waters, Serene Pools, and Lush Gardens in One Place

When ascending the pristine white steps from the lobby, guests are greeted by the gentle symphony of water channels that flank the pathway, leading to the heart of the resort—the Faces restaurant and an inviting turquoise pool with underwater stone seats. This central area, a haven of peace, is where the architecture and the element of water converge in harmony, offering a cool respite from Bali’s warm climes.

The resort’s design ethos, championed by architect Anthony Liu, manifests in a serene white palette, terrazzo floors, and thoughtful water features, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a serene Moorish palace or a tranquil Moroccan riad.

The Balé’s villas, each a private retreat within itself, embody the resort’s commitment to peace and seclusion. Thatched pavilions open to walled gardens, featuring Bengong-style daybeds and personal swimming pools accessible directly from the villas’ bathrooms. The attention to detail is meticulous, with indoor and outdoor showers, twin sinks, and a range of high-quality bath amenities enhancing the experience of indulgence.

Echoing the resort’s pioneering spirit, The Balé was among the first in Bali to introduce an adults-only concept and to feature all pool villas, setting a precedent for intimate, luxury travel on the island. The resort’s design, though two decades old, remains timelessly elegant, reflecting Liu’s passion and innovative vision in every line and curve.

Intimate Retreats:  Modernist Pavilions Meet Balinese Craftsmanship

On entering the interior of the resort, the striking minimalism and clean lines of The Balé’s pavilions command attention. Each of the 29 private compounds, a synthesis of modernist design and Balinese tradition, offers an oasis with its own cool pool and lush garden, overseen by a dedicated 24-hour butler. The pavilions are an embodiment of tranquility, with living spaces seamlessly integrating with the outdoors, underscored by a traditional Balinese roof, and ample natural light flooding through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Single Pavilion, sprawling across 240 sqm, presents a sanctuary where luxury meets nature. The presence of a private pool, a Bengong daybed, and a garden adorned with a hammock underscores a commitment to relaxation and romance. Inside, the bedroom and living area rests on a terrazzo platform, encapsulating a serene ambiance perfect for unwinding.

For those traveling in pairs, the Double Pavilion extends over 480 sqm, offering a similar layout but with additional space and privacy for each couple, including two opulent bathrooms featuring both indoor and outdoor showers and a lavish bathtub.

The Deluxe Single Pavilion, ranging from 350 to 480 sqm, elevates the experience further with its expansive garden and larger pool, providing a sublime backdrop for a peaceful retreat.

Amenities across all pavilions are thoughtfully curated, from the high-quality bath products to the eco-friendly slippers, ensuring a stay that is both luxurious and mindful of the environment. The rooms are equipped with modern conveniences like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and flat-screen televisions, complemented by personalized touches such as custom minibars and a selection of cookies awaiting by the bed.

The Balé’s commitment to an adults-only experience ensures a serene atmosphere, allowing guests to fully immerse in the tranquility and beauty of their surroundings. From the private pools to the sunken bathtubs and the outdoor daybeds, every element is designed to enhance relaxation and intimacy.

Dining Under the Stars: Romantic Tropical Evenings

At the Balé Resort Nusa Dua, culinary exploration is an integral part of the experience, harmoniously blending the essence of Balinese tradition with a modern gastronomic adventure. The resort’s dining scene is an elegant journey through taste, ambiance, and innovation, offering guests a plethora of options that cater to diverse palates and occasions.

Faces Restaurant

Stands as the resort’s gem, an open-air haven where romance meets gourmet. The setting is intimately spaced, ensuring privacy while indulging in a repertoire of Indonesian and global cuisines. The ambiance at night, lit by candles and enhanced by the pool’s tranquility, makes every meal an event. Notably, the pork ribs with hoisin orange marinade stand out as a testament to the chefs’ prowess in blending local flavors with global techniques.


Tapa Bistro

Injects vibrancy and playfulness into the resort’s dining offerings. This bistro embraces the tapas concept with an inventive twist, allowing guests to sample a spectrum of flavors. The flexible tapas system paired with signature cocktails, such as the Tapa Espresso Martini, creates a casual yet sophisticated dining atmosphere. Live music performances add an extra layer of enjoyment, making Tapa a lively spot for both pre and post-wedding gatherings or a relaxed evening.

The Romantic Dinner

The experience is a testament to the resort’s commitment to creating memorable moments for couples. Whether by the main pool, in the secluded garden of a pavilion, or within the pavilion itself, these candlelit dinners under the stars are a hallmark of the Balé’s romantic ethos.

The Bliss Restaurant

Beyond the specialty restaurants, the Balé’s culinary narrative extends to the Bliss Restaurant at the spa, offering light and healthy dishes perfect for post-treatment rejuvenation. Meanwhile, Faces, the main hotel restaurant, serves an extensive menu that caters to all tastes, from traditional Indonesian fare to Western classics, all enjoyed in a serene setting or delivered directly to your daybed for ultimate relaxation.

Dining at the Balé Resort is not just about the food; it’s an immersive experience that blends exquisite flavors, artful presentation, and enchanting environments, all designed to satiate the senses and leave guests with lasting impressions of Bali’s rich culinary landscape.

Luxurious Pools and Private Beach Access

At The Balé Resort Nusa Dua in Bali, the commitment to wellness, relaxation, and immersive local experiences distinguishes this haven as a sanctuary for those seeking to rejuvenate and engage in cultural authenticity. From the moment you step into the spa, a realm of tranquility welcomes you, offering a repertoire of treatments that blend traditional Balinese healing practices with modern techniques, providing an unparalleled experience of wellness.

The Balinese Cooking Class at The Balé is a testament to the resort’s dedication to offering unique, culturally rich experiences. Led by the local Chef, guests embark on a culinary journey that starts with a visit to the market, transitions into an interactive cooking session, and culminates in the joy of tasting their own creations. This immersive experience not only satiates the palate but also provides a deep dive into the vibrant Balinese culture.

For those seeking relaxation, The Spa at The Balé is a sanctuary of well-being, offering an array of treatments from Crystal Healing Hot Stone therapy to traditional Japanese Anma massage, all set against the backdrop of serene surroundings. The holistic approach extends to the spa’s dining options, where health-conscious cuisine complements the spa experience, promoting a sense of well-being that resonates long after the treatment ends.

The Balé’s emphasis on privacy and romance is evident in its custom-made wedding services. Offering a picturesque venue, the resort ensures that every aspect of the nuptials is infused with elegance and personalization, reflecting the resort’s ethos of creating bespoke, memorable experiences.

Leisure at The Balé extends to the stunning infinity pools, where the architectural elegance meets the soothing embrace of water, offering guests a serene escape within the resort. For beach enthusiasts, the dedicated area on the white sandy shores of Nusa Dua, equipped with loungers, umbrellas, and thoughtful amenities, ensures a comfortable and luxurious seaside experience.

Unique activities like the Balinese Cooking Class, romantic dinners under the stars, and the enchanting floating breakfast in the villa’s private pool, underscore The Balé’s commitment to offering distinctive experiences that resonate with the discerning traveler seeking a blend of luxury, privacy, and cultural immersion.

From Personalized Greetings to Thoughtful Goodbyes

From the moment of arrival, the resort distinguishes itself with its meticulous attention to detail and a profound dedication to sustainability and community engagement.

One of the standout features of The Balé is its unparalleled customer service, where personalization and attentiveness are paramount. The staff’s ability to address guests by name and the thoughtful evening turn-down service exemplify the resort’s dedication to creating an intimate and attentive atmosphere. This level of service is complemented by the resort’s beautiful setting in Nusa Dua, close to pristine beaches and renowned golf courses, offering guests a unique blend of tranquility and convenience.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of The Balé’s ethos, with initiatives that extend beyond environmental stewardship to include a holistic approach to community and employee well-being. The resort’s “PassionForLife” initiative is a testament to this, garnering accolades for its comprehensive approach to social sustainability. The Balé’s efforts in hiring locally, fostering employee development, and supporting local communities exemplify a sustainable business model that other resorts might aspire to emulate.

The Balé’s commitment to sustainability is also evident in its day-to-day operations, from the locally sourced ingredients in its restaurants to the eco-friendly amenities in its villas. The forthcoming upgrades to the minibar and tea and coffee facilities, along with the introduction of natural wood speakers and hand-woven beach bags, are indicative of the resort’s ongoing dedication to sustainability and local culture.

Final Thoughts On My Stay

From the moment I arrived, the warmth and attentiveness of the staff were remarkable, addressing me by name and attending to every detail with a personalized touch. My private pavilion, an exquisite blend of spaciousness and elegant design, featured a tranquil garden, a refreshing pool, and a harmonious indoor-outdoor living concept that resonated with the surrounding natural beauty.

Dining at The Balé was a delight, with Faces Restaurant and TAPA Bistro offering an array of sophisticated dishes and innovative tapas that celebrate local flavors and global cuisine. The spa experience, emphasizing traditional Balinese healing practices, was also a highlight, offering a profound sense of renewal and well-being.

The Balé’s commitment to sustainability and community integration adds depth to its luxury, ensuring that every stay not only indulges the senses but also respects and contributes to the local environment and culture. My time here was an unforgettable blend of indulgence, culture, and tranquility, leaving me with a deep appreciation for Bali’s natural beauty and The Balé’s exceptional hospitality.

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Written by Amin Brodie

Photos by Valeryia Kalantayeva