Babychaos Premieres Electro-Industrial Single “Guilty Hands (I Bleed)”: Stream

Consequence’s Industrial Week continues with the premiere of “Guilty Hands (I Bleed),” the latest single from emerging electro-industrial artist Babychaos. Keep up with all of our Industrial Week content, including our Best Industrial Albums of All Time list, and check back for more lists, artist-curated features, essays, and more.

Emerging electro-industrial artist Babychaos has unveiled the video for her latest single “Guilty Hands (I Bleed),” which is premiering exclusively via Heavy Consequence as part of Industrial Week.

In the vein of contemporaries such as Poppy, Babychaos blends harsh electronics with overt industrial rock/metal elements, such as distorted guitars and vocals. For example, “Guilty Hands (I Bleed)” melds a burgeoning guitar riff with subtle electronic flourishes, resulting in a jolting loud-soft arrangement and unsettling atmospherics.

Remarked Babychaos regarding the concept behind the song: “The story behind ‘Guilty Hands’ is one I’ve been clinging onto for years — and now it’s finally come to fruition and is out of my system for good. Throughout 2022 I found myself constantly writing as a way to cope with occurrences in my life I couldn’t control.”

She continued: “I’ve found through experience that when we feel we don’t have control over an aspect of our lives, we resort to a need to control other aspects, sometimes in unexpected and disturbing ways: That was the inspiration for this track and video. Thanks to music producer Enrico Tiberi we created the complex beast of this song taking influence from European metal, American hard rock, and horror movie worthy soundscapes. And with music video producer Joey Durango we were able to bring these visuals to life.”

Babychaos continues to make waves after the project launched in 2021 with the debut single “Flesh,” which has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify. A debut EP is in the works, with “Guilty Hands (I Bleed)” being the first tease of the upcoming collection.

Below you can watch the video for “Guilty Hands (I Bleed)” and see the single artwork.

“Guilty Hands (I Bleed)” Artwork: