Armani White and Denzel Curry Are “GOATED” on New Single: Stream

Rapper Armani White broke out in 2022 thanks to his name-dropping hit “BILLIE EILISH,” and now, he’s kicked off the new year by teaming up with Denzel Curry for a new single called “GOATED.”

On the track, White displays the same infectious energy that made “BILLIE EILISH” so popular. Rapping over a trunk-rattling beat from July Da Producer and Myles William, the West Philly native revels in his success. “I had to hit my designer for sneaks,” he spits. “If I’m poppin’ down Miami Beach/ Pull up like LeBron with the Heat.”

Meanwhile, Curry breaks down why he’s in the running for one of the best rappers of his generation. “How many times can I tell you I’m goated without n****s actin’ like they do not know it?” he raps. “Why, sir? See every year I’m gettin’ better as a writer/ And when it comes down to the flow, I’m gettin’ nicer.”

Watch the video for Armani White and Denzel Curry’s “GOATED,” directed by Mikey D’Amico and Davey Robinson, below.

“GOATED” is slated to appear on White’s upcoming EP, due out this spring. Meanwhile, Curry had a strong 2022 of his own. After dropping Melt My Eyez See Your Future, one of the best rap albums released last year, he went on tour with Kid Cudi and ripped through his NPR Tiny Desk Concert.