Angler Wide Vista Panoramic Background Screen: A green screen that checks all the boxes

There are so many green screens out there. Some are convenient, but too small. Others are frustrating to set up. Even more are difficult to put away. Rejoice! The Angler Wide Vista Panoramic Background Screen (Chroma Green, 8 x 13′) offers a large screen size without the headaches of other green screens.

I was sent the Angler Wide Vista Panoramic Background Screen for review and I quickly fell in love with its utility. The entire kit is under 20 lbs. and fits neatly in a 36-inch carrying case, thanks to a design that doesn’t call for heavy piping, telescoping stands or floor plates.

Image from B&H
The kit in its carrying case

Angler Wide Vista Panoramic Background Screen — Support system

The aluminum tubes are sturdy, but lightweight. They’re easy to assemble into rectangular frame segments, which combine with featherweight yet sturdy plastic clamps to form a four-section support system. There are only two types of tubes — short, straight tubes and longer, curved tubes — so set up is a breeze. The frame stands on its own by moving the panels as needed. You can bring the left and right side in slightly for sturdy positioning or move panels in a variety of ways that you see fit. The screen is easy for one person to move or adjust when assembled. The Angler gets high marks for portability and flexibility.

Sturdy plastic clamps that hold tube sections together

Angler Wide Vista Panoramic Background Screen — Screen

The chroma green polyester screen material is quite nice, as it has a muslin feel and is machine washable. While the material is said to be crease-resistant, expect some crease lines when you first unpack the material. These creases could be easily steamed away, but they are minor enough to avoid causing any issues. The screen dimensions are 8 ft x 13 ft. These wide dimensions are useful for fitting multiple people in front of the screen or capturing full body motion. You’re no longer stuck with a small screen that doesn’t fit your needs because you value portability and convenience. There is a small train of fabric at the bottom to ease the transition to the floor, but don’t count on it for more than that.

Close-up look of screen fabric

Angler Wide Vista Panoramic Background Screen — Screen setup

Placing the screen on the tubes is as easy as setting up the frame. Elastic loops attached on the screen wrap around the tubes. I was impressed with the quality of the stitching around the loops, as it seemed quite secure. There is no threading a pole through the screen top like drapery or hanging from a pole like laundry on a clothesline. The elastic loops hold the screen fabric snugly against the tube. It is taut, but not taut enough to cause distortion on the screen fabric. Perhaps the best feature is that you can fold the frame sections while keeping the screen attached. Having a space-saving option between full setup and being packed away in the carrying case is sure handy.

With full even lighting, the chroma key green screen delivers a great key. As a quick example, I did the key below key with KeyLight and a quick clip adjustment in a matter of seconds. Fine tune with Keylight settings for desired outcome.