Alex Lifeson Hosts Geddy Lee’s Toronto Book Tour Stop: Watch

Geddy Lee’s ongoing book tour in support of his memoir My Effin’ Life has featured the RUSH singer-bassist in conversation with a different host in each city. It was fitting, then, that Geddy’s homecoming appearance and final North American tour date in Toronto onThursday (December 7th) saw him alongside longtime friend and RUSH bandmate Alex Lifeson.

For the many RUSH fans in attendance, it offered a rare glimpse into two’s friendship as they shared memories and reflected on the band’s legendary career.

As reported by The Globe and Mail, Lee and Lifeson mentioned the late drummer Neil Peart and his lengthy battle with cancer, but chose to focus mostly on the happy times, like when Peart showed up to audition with his drums in garbage bags, only to win over his future bandmates on raw talent.

They also reflected on the Dodge van, dubbed “Fun Craft,” that carried the band on its earliest North American tours, as well as Lifeson honing his ability to make tiny marijuana airplanes out of rolling papers during the long drives.

The duo did touch on the final RUSH concerts in 2015 and the mixed emotions that came with them. While Peart initiated the finale to concentrate on his family life, Lee and Lifeson admitted that they weren’t as eager to call it quits.

“Towards the end, it became sadder it was coming to a close,” Lifeson said.

As for the lingering question of whether Lifeson and Lee would ever reunite as RUSH, the two once again acknowledged that they would like to play music together again, implying a future collaboration, but stopped short of any major announcements or explicit talk of a proper reunion.

Geddy’s book tour has headed overseas for a run of UK dates. Below you watch fan footage of the conversation between Lee and Lifeson in Toronto.