Alex Levine of The So So Glos Reveals He Has Rare Form of Cancer

The So So Glos singer/bassist Alex Zarou Levine has revealed he has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called adenoid cystic carcinoma and started a GoFundMe to help out with medical costs.

“Almost immediately following The So So Glos sold-out show at Bowery Ballroom, I began to experience the same sinus issues that had led to emergency surgery the week prior. After a series of tests, I found out that I have a cancerous tumor,” Levine wrote in a lengthy note on Instagram, before touching on his lifelong battle with the rare metabolic disorder homocystinuria. “Navigating health is something I have all too much experience with. My whole life I’ve been guided down hospital hallways, held by rebel music. What’s gotten me this far is the endless desire to create. This cancer is rare & the treatment outcome is uncertain, but I’m 100% committed to using every ounce of energy to continue making art.”

He continued, “Treatment will be lengthy & intensive. With all means of income on hold, I’m reaching out to ask for wide-community support. So far, it looks likely that my insurance will cover some medical costs, but not all. Though my life will be almost entirely dedicated to treatment & recovery, my mental well-being is tied to my output; art is my therapy. I want to finish the next @sosoglos album, continue recording for @alexorangedrink, & complete the musical I’ve been working on with @gymshortsmusic.”

Levine stated that all of the donations to the GoFundMe will “go toward basic living expenses, additional medical expenses & resources necessary to the creative process.” He added, “My hope is that the art yielded will help me through this. It’s scary but I have so much gratitude for the support. I’m gonna fight this the only way I know how and in my book, the underdog always wins.” Read the full message below.

Earlier this year, The So So Glos returned with their protest song “Everywhere Is War” featuring Conor Oberst, which marked their first proper new music since their 2016 album Kamikaze. They followed up with the Cults collaboration “3000 Miles” in June. During the band’s hiatus, Levine put out a pair of solo albums under the moniker Alex Orange Drink: 2018’s Babel On and 2021’s Everything Is Broken, Maybe That’s OK.