Akasa Newton A50 fanless NUC case €92

Akasa have announced that theri new Newton A50 fanless NUC case is now available to purchase priced at €92. The small NUC case measures 69 x 115.5 x 68.5 mm and supports ASUS PN50 and PN51 motherboards. Allowing you to install the latest Ryzen 4000 mobile processors and 5000 mobile processors for the best performance in its size category.

Fanless NUC case

“Supports ASUS PN51 and PN50 with AMD Ryzen 5000 series mobile processor. Support for four 4K displays or one 8K display outputs, making it ideal for digital signage applications or where multiple displays are required. At just 1.3L, the Newton A50 is very compact in form factor with no vent holes. With space for one M.2 SSD and one 2.5″ HDD/SSD.”

• Aluminium fanless CPU cooling design
• Stylish front panel diamond effect
• Provides one rear serial port
• Supports one M.2 SSD and one 2.5″ SSD/HDD
• Suitable for up to Ryzen 7 5700U

“Solid aluminium core coupled with hi-performance thermal compounds and pads conducts excess heat away from the key hot zones of the APU and Voltage Power Management (VRM) regulators to the aluminium body. Keeping your system silently cool and running smoothly without thermal throttling. The small but mighty design makes the case perfect for small areas, or minimalist desktop setups. The sleek, futuristic panels combined with this ultra-compact shape means the case can be used in a wide range of ways; either a discreet addition to a desk, for smaller desktop setups, or hidden away for a clean, truly silent aesthetic. To fully take advantage of the silence, the use of SSDs is essential for the noiseless experience.”

“AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series of mobile processors make their way to the forefront of compact computing power; with the integrated Radeon Vega 7 graphics, the set-up can be used for home, office, edge computing and light gaming applications. The boards can also support one 8K or four 4K displays, which allows the system to be used for digital signage and set-ups with multiple displays The Newton A50 is rated for up to a 25 W TDP, with a solid aluminium core contacting the major key hot zones on the AMD motherboard – specifically the APU on the processor chip, and the motherboard’s VRMs.”

Source : Akasa

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