Age doesn’t matter

This is an opinion piece that’s directed to all ages. Stop looking at your driver’s license or a calendar. Rather start looking to each other to learn and grow.

Age is just a number

I have seen myself go from being an upstart kid to a balding professional. But I have learned this … age is just a number. I have worked with wonderfully talented kids throughout my career. I have also chosen to surround myself with those who are more experienced than me. Both parties have added to my understanding of this medium and its creative applications.

It doesn’t matter the age of the photographer. You can learn something from just about anyone. It is now easier than ever thanks to online forums (like ours Photofocus Community) to connect and critique. You can attend local photo clubs and photo walks. There are just so many ways to make real-world connections that are simply awesome. Get out of your head and take some fresh input.

photowalk age

Formalize your connections

While the guild system of old is all but destroyed, you can still preserve its spirit. Seek out others who you want to work with. Ignore their age and instead look at what they have to offer to the creative process. An open mind goes a long way. I continuously learn things from even the youngest employee, assistant, or crew member. I also have learned to listen when someone else has something to say.

The change of pace in both photography and video has meant that we’ve undergone a century’s worth of change in the last fifty years. Bluntly … shut up and listen. Put any preconceived notions you may have about age or experience aside and open yourself to opportunity.

Form partnerships, take on a mentor, join professional groups. But stop lurking in forums and complaining. Get out into the world and start to collaborate.

Your thoughts are welcome in the comments as well as other ideas on how to make connections and stay fresh.